Gold Energy Hair Growth Oil: FAQ


  1. What are the ingredients and benefits of using the Gold Energy Growth Oil?
    • We only use natural and organic ingredients that are perfectly blended to give you longer, stronger, and healthier hair. A full list of ingredients and benefits can be found at:
  2. Is this product FDA approved? 
    • Our products are handmade in small batches and results do vary depending on genetics, hair type, and diet. Our products were thoughtfully created to help promote healthy hair growth, however, these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, furthermore, this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  3. Are the products chemical-free?
    • Yes, our products are chemical-free and fragrance-free! We use an organic, herbal formula that is free of fillers and synthetic ingredients. 
  4. What is the product’s shelf life?
    • Our growth oil lasts 24 months if stored in a dry, cool place.
  5. How often do I use the Gold Energy Growth Oil?
    • You can use the growth oil as often as you’d like, however, we recommend once a day for best results. Apply the oil with the dropper and massage your scalp. 
  6. Do you have to drink a certain amount of water to achieve growth?
    • Many happy customers have seen great results without increasing water intake or changing their diet. However, we encourage you to drink a lot of water as this helps the nutrients absorb into your system better.
  7. Can I use this product with braids, locs, weave, extensions, and/or wigs?
    • Yes, our products are perfect to use while wearing a protective style. When wearing protective styles, simply use the dropper to apply the oil to various locations on your scalp. Next, massage the oil directly into your scalp. It is important to keep your scalp clean, hydrated, and healthy especially when wearing a protective style.
  8. Does this work for natural hair only or can it be used with relaxed and texturized hair too?
    • The natural ingredients promote and concentrate on hair strengthening and growth, whether it’s natural, permed, relaxed or texturized.
  9. Will the growth oil make my hair very oily?
    • Our main ingredient is Castor Oil which has a very thick consistency.  We take pride in high-quality ingredients that promote hair growth, so you should expect to have slightly oily hair with this product. Our botanicals are natural so don’t worry if your hair is naturally oily or holds oil. A simple routine change of reducing usage frequency, or shampooing will help to remove buildup. This will be very important in your hair growth journey.

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