The Top 3 Most Sexy, Modern and Elegant Perfumes for Women in 2021!

These sophisticated gems should definitely be on your radar.

Unsplash Photo by Nati Meinychuk

A Note for You!

A classy woman, IMO, should always have a signature scent, whether that is floral, woody, or fresh – it should be a scent that is effortless, with the best performance, and has a lasting charm. If you need help on finding the perfect perfume for you, I developed a guide here to find your signature scent.

If you are looking for a fragrance that brings you joy, is sophisticated, yet sexy? Look no further because these are my top 3 favorite fragrances that I currently love to wear!

[ 1 ] Chanel – Coco Mademoiselle Eau De Parfum

IG: Laura Chouette

The Bottle: Coco Mademoiselle is available in 4 sizes in a beautiful transparent glass bottle. Softly written on the front is the iconic COCO Chanel label. Featuring a frosted stopper, its simplicity effortlessly draws you to appreciate the subtle gold details around the rim. Upon picking up this bottle, you are sure to feel like a million dollars! Because of its transparency, Chanel allows you to absorb the delicate, but irresistibly sexy nature of its contents. This bottle fits perfectly in small or large hands, allowing you to pause and appreciate the little things – preparing you for a wonderful day ahead. 

The Fragrance: Classy is subjective, but for me this fragrance is something gentle, but powerful enough so that you get a BOLD, but faint linger as someone walks by. Chanel Perfume is sought after for the consistent modern compositions and fresh character. This fragrance begins with top notes of orange, and in the middle are notes of Turkish rose, Jasmine, and Ylang-Ylang followed by base notes of Vanilla and Patchouli. This quiet, but sophisticated fragrance is one of my absolute favorites because of its ability to draw eyes + noses from across the room. The elegant nature of its notes allows perfect chemistry to form a beauty layer of pheromones. Some may say it’s an “old lady perfume,” but it can be if you over apply! I personally don’t find this old lady smelling lol, but as a modern classic with a sparkling oriental fragrance, it sure is a timeless piece to add to your collection.

Applying: This perfume is so amazing that it can be worn during any season or for any occasion. It’s delicate fragrance allows you to stunt on everyone no matter the time of day! The best way to quickly apply perfume is to lightly spray 3-5 times on the naked body after a shower, on the nape of the neck and inside the elbows. If you didn’t know, there are a few secret places where you can apply that are sure to set you apart! Check it out here: 10 Secret Places You Never Thought to Apply Perfume.

[ 2 ] Versace – Dylan Blue ‘Pour Homme’


The Bottle: For starters, Dylan Blue ‘pour homme’ means ‘For Him’, which is Versace’s men’s fragrance. I loveee men’s cologne and this particular one is much more potent than the brands lighter ‘pour femme’ concept. ‘Pour homme’ is not your standard square glass bottle. It is elevated with the regal nature of blues and golds – set up elegantly for a luxurious presentation. To inspire feminism, picking up the ‘pour femme’ bottle will make you feel a sense of royalty because of its sophisticated appearance. The gold bottle stopper is a real show stopper stylishly paired with the emblematic medusa logo on the front side. Either bottle is a perfect addition to your esthetic perfume collection! 

The Fragrance: Unique, strong, and sensuous; Dylan Blue is an elegant fragrance from the design house of Versace. Combining the vivacity of Bergamot, Grapefruit, Aquatic Notes, and Fig leaves at the top; it adds sensuality with the subtlety of Violet leaves, woody Ambrox, Pepper, and Patchouli at the heart. The fragrance trails with stunning hints from semi-sweet Styrax, fresh Patchouli, and warm White Woods. This fragrance lets you experience a whiff of a cool Mediterranean breeze for masculine freshness that will linger on. Dylan Blue is what any man or woman with a zest for life will love to own. The long-lasting base is accented by a seductive composition of vanilla Tonka Beans and earthly Saffron, grounding you and reflecting your undying youthful spirit.

Applying: This fragrance is bold and hearty with a blast of cool sweetness that brings the whole scent together. This would be perfect for summer and could even possibly work well in the winter depending on how it mixes with your skin. This is my fragrance of choice for a night out or a fun night in! 

[ 3 ] Giorgio Armani – ‘Si Passione’ Eau de Parfum


The Bottle: Wow! What can I say? This bottle speaks for itself with its striking, sexy, and bold appearance. Glossy and sleek is how I would describe this bottle. Laced in firecracker red surrounded by a feminine molded stopper. Armani tributes this bottle to women. “Sì is my tribute to modern femininity. An irresistible combination of grace, strength, and independent spirit.” Armani couldn’t be more right!

The Fragrance: When I wear this fragrance I feel like the most stunning woman in the room. Proud, lavish and mysterious, are some words to describe this beautiful fragrance. Si Passionte exudes an alluring aura of classiness and allows you to feel untouchable and expensive. I usually associate the word “classy” to fragrances that are either powdery or richly floral. It is a fruity and richly floral perfume with opening notes of sparkling pear – revealing a deep rose scent. This fragrance I would say, to definitely over apply this all over. (This is why I am on my second bottle already lol!) It can feel very faint the first hour, however, this scent takes time to develop on the skin. Finally, intense woody vanilla fills the air with Cedar-wood – leaving a lasting sensuality expressed over the course of the day. This scent is one of my favorites because it is so sexy, yet you feel confident and sophisticated – like every woman should!

Applying:  Apply on pulse points: wrist, inner elbow and neck. Don’t forget to apply to those secret areas revealed in my other post:  10 Secret Places You Never Thought to Apply Perfume. This is a PRICELESS OG that every lady needs in their collection!

A Note for You!

Take your time testing out different fragrances and smells. If you need help check out my Guide to Finding Your Signature Scent. The top three fragrances I just mentioned are all from my own personal experience. Smelling a beautiful perfume allows me to breath in that sense of confidence – propelling me to be my highest self.

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  3. Wonderful post however I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this topic? I’d be very grateful if you could elaborate a little bit further. Thank you!


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